Appetite for Destruction? The Product Guide to Palm Oil Content

New palm oil plantations in the Congo Basin rainforest are threatening the livelihoods of rainforest communities as well as precious habitat for endangered great apes, forest elephants and even aquatic mammals. We need ugent funding to defend the Congo rainforest from this new threat.

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Product name Manufacturer Ethical score Traffic light
Booja Booja Booja Booja Co 20 Green
Divine Chocolate Divine 20 Green
Waitrose Chocolate Waitrose 19 Green
Marks and Spencer Chocolate Marks and Spencer Group plc 17 Green
The Co-operative Chocolate Co-operative Group 16 Green
Traidcraft Chocolate Traidcraft 15 Green
Plamil Plamil Foods 14 Green
Lindt Lindt & Sprüngli AG 14 Green
Sainsbury's Chocolate Sainsbury's Group 13 Amber
Biona Windmill Organic 13 Amber
Organica Chocolate Ventures Food 12 Amber
Montezuma Montezuma's Direct 12 Amber
Aero Nestle 12 Amber
After Eight Nestle 12 Amber
Kit Kat Nestle 12 Amber
Lion Bar Nestle 12 Amber
Quality Street Nestle 12 Amber
Smarties Nestle 12 Amber
Walnut Whip Nestle 12 Amber
Yorkie Nestle 12 Amber
Animal Bar Nestle 12 Amber
Munchies Nestle 12 Amber
Morrison Chocolate Wm Morrison Supermarkets 10 Amber
Tesco Finest Tesco 10 Amber
Tesco Tesco 10 Amber
Amicelli Mars 7 Red
Balisto Mars 7 Red
Bounty Mars 7 Red
Kudos Mars 7 Red
M&Ms Mars 7 Red
Twix Mars 7 Red
Maltesers Mars 7 Red
Tracker Mars 7 Red
Celebrations Mars 7 Red
Galaxy Mars 7 Red
GoodnessKnows Mars 7 Red
Mars Bar Mars 7 Red
Seeds of Change Mars 7 Red
Milkyway Mars 7 Red
Pure Dark Mars 7 Red
Snickers Mars 7 Red
Green & Blacks Mondelez International 6 Red
Milka Mondelez International 6 Red
Toblerone Mondelez International 6 Red
Cadbury's Creme Egg Mondelez International 6 Red
Crunchie Mondelez International 6 Red
Terry's Chocolate Orange Mondelez International 6 Red
Côte d'Or Mondelez International 6 Red
Flake Mondelez International 6 Red
Asda Chocolate Wal-Mart Stores 2 Red
Asda Extra Special Wal-Mart Stores 2 Red
Duplo Ferrero 1 Red
Ferrero Rocher Ferrero 1 Red
Fiesta Ferrero 1 Red
Kinder Bueno Ferrero 1 Red
Kinder Chocolate Ferrero 1 Red
Kinder Country Ferrero 1 Red
Kinder Maxi Ferrero 1 Red
Kinder Pingui Ferrero 1 Red
Kinder Surprise Ferrero 1 Red
Tronky Ferrero 1 Red
Thorntons Thorntons 0 Red
Guylian Lotte Group -1 Red

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Ethical Score: Products are ranked on a scoring system of 1-20, with 20 being the best score. Companies that do not use palm oil or their derivatives score 20. Products that contain 100% Fairtrade palm oil also score 20. Companies that use it but make no substantial policy statements and are not members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil score 0. For a full breakdown of the methodology, please visit www.ethicalconsumer.org.

Traffic Light System: Green - the best buys!  Amber - read the company's policy carefully to understand the impact of your purchase.  Red - consider one of the products in the green section instead.

Research conducted for The Rainforest Foundation UK by Ethical Consumer Research Association.

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