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Special Occasions

Make your special day extra special

Are you celebrating a special occasion? Got enough woolly jumpers and toasters? Whether it's a birthday, wedding, christening or anniversary, make your special day extra special by asking friends and family to donate to the Rainforest Foundation UK (RFUK).

Whatever the occasion, you can nominate RFUK as your recipient charity

Celebrate with RFUK

If you'd like to make a real difference and celebrate your special day by supporting our work, you can set up your own personalised page, either through Lifelong Giving or Just Giving.

Whatever the occasion, you can nominate us as your recipient charity, tell your friends and family about it and they can give as much as they wish. For every pound donated, AT LEAST 100% of donations reach us, as both Lifelong Giving and Just Giving take their administration fee from any gift aid claimed.

Visit the Justgiving website for more information on how you can support us next time you celebrate a special occasion, and help us to safeguard rainforests for future generations.

Adam and Nicola

When Adam and Nicola got married last year they set up a Wedding Gift list through Lifelong Giving, "We decided that instead of receiving more unwanted towels we'd have a go at saving the planet!" Thanks to the support of their friends and family they raised nearly £600 for RFUK, helping us to protect 24 acres of rainforest.

Oliver from Hertfordshire

When Oliver from Hertfordshire celebrated his 10th birthday last year, he decided he wanted to do something to help save the environment. Instead of having going home presents at his party, Oliver donated to protect two acres of rainforest. All of his friends received certificates and information so that they could learn about how important rainforests are too.

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