Our work is vital to the future of the world's rainforests

Our work is vital to the future of the world's rainforests


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International workshop on community-based real-time forest monitoring takes place in Cameroon

March 29, 2017

Real-time forest monitoring: First joint verification takes place in DRC

January 24, 2017

From the forest: Real-time monitoring in Cameroon

November 17, 2016

ForestLink training wraps up in Abong-Mbang: Another rainforest community ready to protect their environment

September 16, 2016

ForestLink training continues: testing the technology in Abong-Mbang

September 14, 2016

Fighting illegal logging in Cameroon: Training the first ForestLink monitors

September 12, 2016

Community-based monitors ready to monitor illegal logging activities and rights violations

August 31, 2016

Training the trainers: RFUK works with FoE-Gh on Real-Time Monitoring technology

June 30, 2016

Agreement signed with Democratic Republic of Congo Forest Administration to support community-based real-time monitoring

June 30, 2016

Official launch of community-based real-time forest monitoring project in Ghana

April 30, 2016

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