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We have recently published a new School Education Pack and Teachers Pack to encourage pupils to learn about rainforests and what they could do to help them.

The pack has been designed with the KS2 National Curriculum in mind and can be used alongside the lesson ideas in the Teacher's booklet. The pack will teach children all about the people, animals and plants that live in the rainforest and threats which they are facing. It also tells how the Rainforest Foundation protects people, animal and plants and how pupils can help them. It is full of pictures and "Thinking Points" to encourage pupils to initiate discussion.

A Brief Introduction of the Rainforest Foundation UK

The Rainforest Foundation UK has been working for 24 years to support indigenous peoples and traditional populations of the world's rainforest in their efforts to protect their environment and fulfil their rights to land, life and livelihood.

We believe that the best way to protect the rainforest for future generations is to allow the indigenous peoples' who live in the forests to control what happens to their land. Because these people depend on the rainforest to live, they often do the best job at protecting it. We work to help local communities secure legal rights over the land they have lived on for hundreds, and sometimes thousands of years, to ensure that they are able to continue doing this.

How To Receive A School Pack

Please use the link below to download an electronic copy of the School Education Pack.

Or to receive a hard copy of the School Education Pack please contact us on +44 (0) 20 7485 0193 or email schools@rainforestuk.org

Download An Electronic Copy Now!

Please use the links below to download electronic copies of the School Education Pack and the Teachers Pack.

Please click here to download the School Education Pack

Please click here to download the Teacher Pack

Compare life in the Congo Basin and Amazon rainforest

In our education guide you will meet Boukou from Cameroon and learn about his rainforest home.

Compare his life with that of Mirim, who lives in the Amazon – the biggest rainforest on earth.
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