Our work is vital to the future of the world's rainforests

Our work is vital to the future of the world's rainforests


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Failing Forests: The World Bank’s flagship REDD+ programme ten years on

More than a dozen environmental NGOs have written to the World Bank to call for the suspension of its flagship programme to reduce emissions from tropical deforestation and degradation.

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Aid-funded conservation guards accused of extrajudicial killing

The Rainforest Foundation UK and three leading Congolese human rights organisations are calling for an investigation into a new case of extrajudicial killing of a man by ‘eco-guards’ in Republic of Congo.

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RFUK calls for zero tolerance to human rights abuses in Africa’s national parks

Protected areas are having a devastating impact on the rights and livelihoods of forest communities in Africa’s Republic of Congo, a report published today by the Rainforest Foundation UK, reveals.

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Joint Statement

Statement on the announcement that the government of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has started a process to lift its moratorium on the allocation of new logging concessions.

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