At RFUK, we recognise that anyone who engages with our activities, people, or programmes has the right to raise a complaint. Our Complaints Policy ensures that all complaints are taken seriously, assessed, and promptly responded to, with the aim of seeking a resolution as quickly as possible.

For more details, please see our Complaints Policy.

What Can Be Reported?

A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction by individual(s) or organisation(s), whether justified or not. Complaints may be made if you believe that RFUK:

  • Failed to deliver activities to an acceptable standard or conducted activities inappropriately.
  • Failed to act in a proper way.
  • Failed to meet its obligations.
  • Complaints can relate to any aspect of RFUK’s activities, including third parties with a direct relationship with RFUK.

How to make a complaint

1. Form Submission:
We encourage you to use the form* provided below to raise a complaint:

2. Email:
Alternatively, you can email us at:*.

3. Direct contact
By talking to a member of staff directly.

4. Phone:
You can also reach us by phone at +44 207 485 0193 (select the safeguarding/whistleblowing/complaint option).

Submission recipients
*Please note: both the form and email submissions to will be received by the following individuals at RFUK:

  • Head of Operations and Compliance
  • Head of Finance
  • Operations Officer

For more details, please see our Complaints Policy.