Celebrating the Ashaninka: a look into our sustainable livelihoods project September 9, 2022 Last month marked the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples 2022, globally recognising the contributions, achievements and vast knowledge of the indigenous populations of the world. To celebrate, we wanted to share what some of the communities we work with have … Read more

In Cameroon, the critically important Ebo forest is under threat from a road building project August 4, 2022 A 200,000 hectare intact forest in Cameroon is under threat from a road-building project, which could lead to devastating impacts on critically endangered wildlife and more than 40 communities who call Ebo home. While the road-building project … Read more

Press Release: Petition of 100,000 signatures handed to DRC President to stop new oil development July 25, 2022 Kinshasa, 25 July 2022 – More than 100,000 people have signed a petition calling on President Félix Tshisekedi of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to end the development of new oil and gas fields in the … Read more

Trial begins of timber company accused of shooting and maiming locals July 21, 2022 The Congo Sunflower Forestry Development company is currently on trial, accused of orchestrating a series of reprisals and physical violence against the villagers of Tokoma in the Tshuapa province of DRC, after they seized some of the company’s equipment from a site … Read more

Calls for President Felix Tshisekedi to cancel plans for oil drilling in DRC’s tropical rainforests July 18, 2022 RFUK together with Rainforest Rescue, Greenpeace Africa, 350.org and other African civil society groups have launched a petition calling on President Felix Tschisekedi to cancel the upcoming July 28-29 auction of oil exploration rights to some of … Read more

Gabon’s Massaha community sacred forest being logged despite government assurances for it to become a community protected area July 5, 2022 Massaha community’s sacred forest being logged despite government assurances for it to become Gabon’s first-ever community protected area. Logging has resumed in northeastern Gabon in the local community of Massaha’s ancestral forest of unique … Read more

New alerts map shows vital role of forest communities in tackling illegal logging July 4, 2022 RFUK and its local partners in Cameroon, the Republic of Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Liberia, Ivory Coast and Peru have launched a webmap that includes thousands of illegal alerts sent by local community monitors using … Read more

“The 30×30 conservation pledge isn’t backed by science” – warn human rights groups June 21, 2022 A push to place 30% of the planet under ‘protected’ status by 2030, while making for catchy media headlines and political slogans, is not supported by the science, a group of international NGOs have warned. This warning comes as … Read more

Increased funding for forest communities can transform global climate and biodiversity efforts — but reimagining how is critical June 20, 2022 Ongoing challenges have prevented funding from going directly to indigenous peoples and local communities in tropical forests who are key to combating the climate crisis. In a new briefing, the Rainforest Foundations of the UK, … Read more

Rural Women and Community Forest Monitoring: A Learning Experience May 9, 2022 A guest Blog from our ForestLink partners: Woman community leader and young community observer in the middle of a data collection session using CAT S31 phones equipped with the “Collectaur” application © ECODEV 2020 Forests provide a wide range of products and materials essential to … Read more