Support Sustainable Conservation this Christmas

As the old saying goes, “There’s no place like home”. The Congo Basin rainforest is a habitat, a shelter, a pharmacy, a supermarket and an ecosystem that supports many lives and livelihoods, but for the local communities that reside there it means “home” first and foremost. For countless generations the rainforest has provided them with safety, security, and stability. However, all this is now at risk…

It could all be taken away ... in a heartbeat.

This is the reality facing rainforest communities in Africa’s Congo Basin today. People, who rely on the forest for survival, are routinely expelled from their forest home in the name of a ‘guns and guards’ approach to national parks.

Through our work, we are supporting rainforest communities to protect their land and livelihoods in the Congo Basin through our desperately needed community forest and real-time monitoring projects.

The Rainforest Foundation UK is committed to supporting these communities to stand up for their rights, to defend their home and protect it for future generations.

“Nobody could work in the fields or access the rivers, the eco-guards behaved as if they owned the land. There was no consultation. They even came here armed with guns – they were brutal.”

Jean-Denis Mambenga Lomata, Customary Chief, Mpama in the Tumba Lediima Reserve

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