The coronavirus has profoundly affected us all – a stark reminder of how interconnected and fragile the world is. As the ‘curve’ begins to flatten in many advanced economies, relieving the huge pressures on our NHS and other healthcare systems, we hope that a return to some semblance of normality is not too far away.

The same cannot be said for Africa and Latin America where the number of cases goes massively underreported but is certain to grow exponentially in the coming months. Already weak healthcare systems will be simply unable to cope: the Central African Republic has only four ventilators for the entire country.

Indigenous and traditional communities in the Congo Basin and Amazon rainforests are particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus. Already among the poorest of the poor in these regions, they are exposed through encroachment on their lands from industries and illegal loggers, often have lower immunity to diseases and can have little or no access to health care.

The good news is that our amazing partners are fighting back.
For example:

"We have been working with indigenous Baka communities, promoting good hygiene and giving guidance on how to protect themselves and their community against the virus. It’s really important we are able to continue to raise awareness and also supply the communities with the equipment they need to stay safe."

Marie Ba'ane, APIFED.


• Develop response plans to COVID-19
• Help communities to protect themselves
• Monitor and fight against illegal forest destruction and corruption that is continuing to increase, while the eyes of the world are looking elsewhere.

Please consider a donation, however small, to help these communities IN THEIR fight AGAINST COVID-19