Donate your old phone

Turn your old smartphone into a rainforest protection tool! 

Have you recently upgraded your Android smartphone? Is your old phone still working but just gathering dust in a drawer? That phone could help indigenous peoples and local communities defend their lands, report illegal logging and condemn human rights abuses.  Global deforestation is gathering speed across the tropical forest belt and putting these communities’ livelihoods and rights under threat. But, all around the world communities are starting to fight back. Your phone could: 

  • Enable indigenous observers in Peru to stop illegal gold miners on their lands, helping them keep their sacred forest standing.
  • Allow Cameroonian communities to fight back against companies that are illegally logging. 
  • Ensure that Ghanaian communities receive the compensation that forestry companies owe them by law.

All we need is your old smartphone and charger (in a box if possible). We ask that you kindly factory reset your phone and, if possible, make sure it is unlocked.

We will make sure they get to the front line where they’re needed most.

Our target is to collect at least 100 smartphones to provide to environmental human rights defenders in the DRC, Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Ghana and Peru! Please help us to make it possible.

Please send your phone to: 

Rainforest Foundation Phones Appeal,

2-4 The Atelier, 17 Crouch Hill, London N4 4AP

United Kingdom

You can also drop off you phone at the same address at any time on Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm.

Technical specifications:

  • The phone must be in good working order. Scratches are fine, but the screen cannot be broken, and the phone must be able to charge.
  • The phone must be able to support the Android 5.5 operating system onwards. Unfortunately we can’t accept Apple phones.
  • You must provide a charger. 
  • The phone must have access to the internet. 

About ForestLink: 

Innovative, practical, and low-cost, Rainforest Foundation UK’s ForestLink technology connects communities and law enforcement to monitor tropical forests in real-time: reducing deforestation, protecting human rights, and putting power back in the hands of those who call the forest home. Read more about how ForestLink is being used to protect rainforests at

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