A RENEWED FOCUS ON DIRECT FINANCING AT INTERNATIONAL CLIMATE CONFERENCES Noviembre 24, 2022 Global leaders and climate activists convened in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt from November 6-18 for the United Nations’ Conference of Parties (COP27), the world’s preeminent climate summit. Amongst those in attendance were representatives from the Rainforest Foundation family (RFF): Rainforest Foundation Norway … Seguir leyendo

New Maps Show The Congo Basin is the Epicenter of Oil and Gas Expansion Threats to Tropical Forests Noviembre 10, 2022 RFUK & Earth InSight have just released a new report, Congo in the Crosshairs, showing how oil and gas expansion in the Congo Basin is a rapidly accelerating existential threat to the global climate, … Seguir leyendo

COP27 Side Event: Realizing the pledge – How can we make the $1.7 bn pledge a reality for IPLCs Noviembre 9, 2022 The event will take place on November 10th at 4:45 pm at the Hatshepsut Room, side event room 3, Blue Zone. We will have a networking reception following the event. Realizing the pledge: How can … Seguir leyendo

Congolese civil society releases position paper calling into question the legality of DRC oil and gas auction Octubre 28, 2022 A group of environmental civil society organisations in the Democratic Republic of Congo have just released a position paper detailing the multitude of issues with the government’s auction of oil and gas blocks covering the … Seguir leyendo

Se conceden dos bosques comunitarios históricos en la zona de amortiguación del Parque Nacional de Lomami, en la RDC 19 de octubre de 2022 En una noticia emocionante, dos comunidades forestales de la provincia de Maniema, en la República Democrática del Congo, han obtenido por fin el derecho legal a gestionar sus tierras ancestrales, estableciéndolas como "bosques comunitarios". Estos importantes ... Seguir leyendo