Press Release: Gabon’s rainforest carbon credits set a precedent that could worsen climate change Marzo 1, 2023 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   As world leaders including Emmanuel Macron gather in Libreville for the ‘One Forest Summit’ [1], convened jointly by the governments of Gabon and France, a new investigation by the Rainforest Foundation UK has found … Read more

Press Release: Petition of 100,000 signatures handed to DRC President to stop new oil development Julio 25, 2022 Kinshasa, 25 July 2022 – More than 100,000 people have signed a petition calling on President Félix Tshisekedi of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to end the development of new oil and gas fields in the … Read more

Press Release: Over 360 organisations say “No to Nature Based Solutions!” Marzo 15, 2022 Ahead of a vital UN moment for biodiversity, “nature-based solutions” are once again being erroneously heralded as the solution – and NGOs are pushing back. As more and more corporations and governments tout “nature-based solutions” as the means to fight the climate … Read more

New U.S. legislative bill could pave the way for greater protection of human rights in international biodiversity conservation Marzo 11, 2022 In a significant development, the chair and ranking minority member of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Natural Resources has introduced a bill that aims to ensure that U.S. international biodiversity funding is … Read more

Leading forest scientists call for a freeze on new logging in the Congo, urge governments to act Octubre 28, 2021 Press Release Kinshasa, 28 October 2021 – Leading African and international scientists join today the growing call for the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to cancel its plans to lift a 20-year ban … Read more

Press Release: Open Letter on NbS to the COP26 Presidency Octubre 11, 2021 NATURE-BASED ‘DISTRACTIONS’: IS THE UK ABOUT TO POUR BILLIONS INTO AN OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY BACKED GREENWASH SCHEME? With just weeks to go before COP26 in Glasgow, a group of leading environmental and human rights NGOs have written to the UK Presidency of the crucial climate talks warning that one … Read more

Press Release: NGOs warn about lifting DRC logging ban Septiembre 2, 2021 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: LOOMING CLIMATE CATASTROPHE IF INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY STAYS SILENT ON PLAN TO OPEN UP THE WORLD’S SECOND-LARGEST RAINFOREST TO INDUSTRIAL LOGGING, WARN NGOS In a letter to international climate funders, a group of leading environmental and human rights organisations warn of … Read more

First international counter-conference on conservation will denounce “world’s biggest land grab” Agosto 27, 2021 The world’s first major international congress on decolonizing conservation, “Our Land, Our Nature”, will take place in Marseille, France, on September 2, 2021, immediately before the IUCN World Conservation Congress in the same city. At this congress indigenous representatives and speakers … Read more

Government of Norway gives green light to continuing massive illegalities in Congo’s rainforests Julio 5, 2021 The government of Norway is today accused by RFUK of encouraging impunity for serious wrong-doing, by failing to insist that illegal logging concessions in the Democratic Republic of Congo are immediately terminated. Responding to recent requests from Rainforest Foundation … Read more

UN plan to protect 30 percent of the planet by 2030 could displace hundreds of millions, NGOs and experts warn Septiembre 2, 2020 London, 02 Sept 2020 One hundred twenty eight environmental and human rights NGOs and experts today warn that a United Nations drive to increase global protected areas such as national parks could … Read more