This year, the Rainforest Foundation UK has been lucky enough to secure a BBC Radio 4 Appeal! 

Wildlife enthusiast Chris Packham agreed to present this appeal and we think this is a fantastic opportunity for us to share Chris’ story experiencing the impact of palm oil on forest land and to raise vital funds for protecting rainforests. You can listen here!

Please spread the word to friends and family!

You can also listen to Chris’ audio boom to hear more about why he supports our cause and why he reckons you should too! 

RFUK has been working with local forest communities for almost 30 years. By training these communities in GPS and mobile technologies, they can monitor and stop illegal logging and other causes of deforestation.

You can no longer donate to RFUK through the BBC's website, but you can still support us directly either by making a one time gift or by becoming a Rainforest Defender for as little as £5 per month. Click here to choose a donation method.


Our work to protect the rainforest

The Rainforest Foundation UK works with communities in the Congo Basin rainforests, supporting their efforts to legally own their traditional lands. Our projects support forest-dependent communities to document threats to their forest, challenge logging and palm oil companies, manage their forests and protect the environment. 
For more information on our work on palm oil and agro industrial expansion, click here.