Write to your local MP

Hold your elected representative to account on rainforest protection and climate action

We are all concerned about the climate crisis, and it can feel frustrating that not enough is happening or that we are unable to do much as an individual. But an easy way to take tangible action is to write to your local MP.

Taking political action on climate change is one of the most impactful and zero-cost things we can do as citizens. Whether it is calling for tougher import laws on deforestation-risk commodities (such as timber, palm oil, beef, soy, etc), or showing opposition to new oil and gas fields or advocating for better home insulation schemes, writing to your MP lets them know that their constituents are concerned about climate issues and helps holds them to account.

If you do not already know, find out who your MP is here:


Below, we provide a template letter you can copy, paste and amend.

Dear [Name of your MP],

I am writing to you as a constituent of [your constituency] because I am concerned about the climate emergency.

I’ve already seen the impacts of climate change in our local area, from the extreme temperatures of this summer’s heatwave to [insert any other recent changes you have seen in your local area – such as floodingwildfires, or droughts] we’ve experienced in [insert name of constituency area] in 2022 alone. Climate scientists agree that the frequency and intensity of heatwaves, droughts and other extreme weather events such as flooding, is going to get worse – particularly as we delay real climate action.

At COP26 in Glasgow in November 2021, it was agreed by 200 nations, including the UK, to secure global net zero by the middle of this century and to keep a maximum of 1.5°C degrees of warming within reach. It’s imperative to put in place policies that will get us on track to our net zero targets. However, the window to keep within 1.5°C degrees of warming is getting smaller. Will you commit to championing policies that ensure we have a safer and cleaner future?

With a combined cost-of-living crisis affecting our constituency, plunging many of us into fuel poverty, several policies can be put in place right now to slash our emissions, and get us on track to deliver net zero, all whilst easing the financial burden on householders.

On behalf of everyone in [insert your constituency here], will you champion policies that ensure:

  • We are investing in a secure energy future that the British public wants – that’s both better for our climate and our household bills. The latest figures show that 89% of the public support solar power whilst 79% support onshore wind.
  • Our homes are warmer and cheaper to run – with increased grant funding for home insulation schemes and green energy installation.
  • Our transport is fit for the future, accessible to all, and better for our health and the environment.
  • We restore our country’s iconic natural landscape, planting native trees that improve air quality, support increased biodiversity, and reduces flood risk, all whilst sucking carbon from the air.
  • [feel free to amend this section if you have any other issues, ideas, or local points to raise]

I look forward to hearing from you,

Yours sincerely,

[your name]

On behalf of [insert local organisation(s) if relevant]