Partnerships & Philanthropy


Our most generous supporters are critical partners in our work. Strategic grant-making makes a huge difference to us and to the future of our planet. Why work with us? Our unique approach of putting human rights at the centre of rainforest protection is increasingly acknowledged to be the best method. Forests under indigenous control are known to store more carbon, harbour more biodiversity and benefit more people.

  • £500 could provide up to a community with a solar generator for mapping equipment.  
  • £1,000 could provide 4 communities with an entire toolkit to ‘put themselves on the map,’ quite literally.  

Would you like to donate more? We can help get your gift to the right place.



Your organisation can help us make a positive difference to the world's rainforests and their inhabitants.  

Strategic partnerships with organisations that are aligned with our mission and values play an important role in delivering our vital work and impact. They can drive change for tropical forests in ways that more traditional grant-making do not and reach new audiences to inspire them in the fight for our planet.

Companies can support us tax-free through Payroll Giving, or by using Amplify Donations or Virtue to give customers a free, personalized option to donate for a climate cause when they shop. They can also become one of our Corporate Partners, or and support us through annual donations and challenge events. If you want to use your platform to do more for people and planet, contact our fundraising team and we'll help determine what's right for you.

Make RFUK your Charity of the Year! 

Companies can make RFUK their Charity of the Year! This will help us to plan for the future and expand our campaigns, confident we can rely on consistent support from an unrestricted source, not bound by the red tape and hoops that large grant contracts often come with.

Current corporate partners: 


Ticket Tailor




Please note, RFUK only works with businesses that are committed to ethical practise, positive environmental action and the upholding of human rights. As per our Ethical Funding Policy, we always follow a stringent due diligence process before entering any partnership.