Banging the Drum for Indigenous-Led Forest Protection at New York Climate Week September 18, 2023 This week, Rainforest Foundation UK will be banging the drum for Indigenous-led forest protection at New York Climate Week, the annual gathering where global leaders, innovators and activists to share real, innovative and scalable solutions to the climate crisis. Together … Read more

SUCCESS STORY: Economic Empowerment Through Community Cocoa Production in DRC September 15, 2023 Today in the villages of Mibenga and Ilebo, nestled along the edge of the Tumba Lediima Nature Reserve in western Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), community members have been working hard to improve the cocoa production in their Community Forests as … Read more

Statement in Support of the Central Asháninka del Río Ene in their quest for Justice for Asháninka Defenders ES Rainforest Foundation UK (RFUK) expresses its deep concern at the circumstances surrounding the recent preliminary detention order against Indigenous leader Angel Pedro Valerio, president of the Central Asháninka del Río Ene (CARE). Given the importance of … Read more

African Civil Society Decries Capture of the Africa Climate Summit by Corporate Interests   As African leaders gather for the Africa Climate Summit, hundreds of African organisations have expressed concerns about the corporate capture of the event.  The inaugural summit – held in Nairobi, Kenya, from 4 to 6 September – is billed as a crucial … Read more

Two logging permits suspended in Cameroon following ForestLink alerts sent by local communities April 26, 2023 Further evidence of the vital role of community-based forest monitoring has emerged from the Yoko district of Mbam-et-Kim, Cameroon, after two logging companies had their permits suspended following alerts of infractions sent by community monitors. L’association Écosystèmes et Développement … Read more

Two landmark community forests awarded in the buffer zone of the Lomami National Park in DRC October 19, 2022 In exciting news, two forest communities in the Maniema Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo have finally won the legal right to manage their ancestral lands, by setting them up as ‘Community Forests.’ These important … Read more

Community Forests Bring Tangible Change: Reflections of Local Leaders from the DR Congo October 4, 2022   Local representatives from the provinces of Equateur, Maniema, North Kivu, South Kivu and Mai Ndombe have all spoken on how securing their lands with community forests has brought palpable change for their communities. To sustain and build on … Read more

Leading scientists back Congolese civil society call to increase forest community land rights to combat climate change September 29, 2022 Ahead of crucial upcoming climate talks in Egypt this November, a gathering of international scientists has backed a Congolese civil society call to scale up recognition of indigenous peoples and other local communities’ rights as … Read more