La sociedad civil congoleña publica un documento en el que cuestiona la legalidad de la subasta de petróleo y gas en la RDC

28 de octubre de 2022

A group of environmental civil society organisations in the Democratic Republic of Congo have just released a position paper detailing the multitude of issues with the government's auction of oil and gas blocks covering the country's forests, threatening its carbon-rich peatlands, several protected areas and millions of local livelihoods.

The CSOs express concern not only for the social and ecological consequences of the auction, but the impact it will have on the country's national and international commitments in the run up to crucial upcoming climate and biodiversity summits this year. One estimate puts DRC's crude oil potential at 22 billion barrels, and its gas reserves at 66 billion m3.

The position paper highlights how these oil blocks are being auctioned in the absence of a land-use planning process, with little to no strategic governance plans in place to allow any coherent monitoring and evaluation of the sector and in violation of several of the country's laws.

To learn more, see the position paper below (French only), and read our previous articles following what's been happening.

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