Our work is vital to the future of the world's rainforests

Our work is vital to the future of the world's rainforests


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We want to see a new model of conservation in the Congo rainforest, one that protects both wildlife and the millions of people who live there.

Evidence from around the world shows that where indigenous peoples have been granted secure rights to their customary lands, rainforests are thriving.

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Ruth Badubaye has been working with rainforest communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for several years. Now she's a partner in our new Community Forests project.

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Failing Forests: The World Bank’s flagship REDD+ programme ten years on

More than a dozen environmental NGOs have written to the World Bank to call for the suspension of its flagship programme to reduce emissions from tropical deforestation and degradation.

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Aid-funded conservation guards accused of extrajudicial killing

The Rainforest Foundation UK and three leading Congolese human rights organisations are calling for an investigation into a new case of extrajudicial killing of a man by ‘eco-guards’ in Republic of Congo.

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Our work has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to conserve and protect the rainforests


Twenty-five million Acres

The rainforests of the world are being destroyed at an increasingly rapid rate. Not only are the forests the lungs of our earth, there are millions of people living in and around the rainforests who depend on the forests for shelter, food, medicine and livelihoods.


£10 can start the process

The Rainforest Foundation UK (RFUK) is working to ensure the long-term protection of rainforests by securing the rights of indigenous communities to land, life and livelihoods.


£200 will provide a mapping device to help a community protect its rainforest

By mapping their land a community claim their rights to land and defend their forest home from threats



Mapping For Rights

By highlighting the presence of otherwise 'invisible' indigenous peoples and forest communities, this project hopes to bridge the gap between remote forest communities and central decision making processes to eradicate marginalisation of forest dwellers.

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Palm Oil

Palm oil production has had devastating effects in South East Asia. With palm oil producers looking to aggressively expand their operations in West and Central Africa, this project aims to raise awareness of the negative impacts and ensure Africa does not experience similar problems.

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Sustainable Conservation

Conservation policy and practice has historically failed to take into account forest and indigenous peoples' rights and needs. In so doing, it has also failed to protect forests and biodiversity.

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Making it easier for you to teach your class about the rainforests and their destruction

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Use our palm oil consumer guide to help you make better choices at the supermarket!

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