Legal status

The Rainforest Foundation UK is a charity, and a company limited by guarantee and is regulated principally by the Charity Commission, The Companies Acts, the Fundraising Regulator and the Office of Information Commissioner. The Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible for RFUK’s compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

The conduct of the Board is governed by the Memorandum and Articles of Association (‘the Articles’).

Registered Charity Number, England and Wales: 1138287

Registered Company Number, England and Wales: 07391285


The role of the Board

The role of the Board is to provide strategic vision, direction and leadership to support the financial and operational stability needed to advance RFUK’s mission and to promote the organisation’s continued effectiveness.

The Board convenes at least four times per calendar year and uses Committees to advise and decide on specific aspects of RFUK’s operations to control particular activities on its behalf.

Current Committees are:
  1. Nominations Committee
  2. People Committee
  3. Finance, Risk and Compliance Committee

Although decision-making may be delegated to the Committees, the Board collectively retains ultimate responsibility for all decisions taken.

The Board delegates day-to-day management activities to the Executive Director (ED), who in turn delegates some aspects of organisational management to the Senior Management Team (SMT) and other staff.


Policies and Procedures  

RFUK Conflict of Interest Policy

RFUK Code of Conduct

Safeguarding Policy

Child Protection Policy

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Contact information

Please reach out to the Head of Operations, Fleur Gatineau, for any inquiries regarding RFUK’s governance or policies.