Trusts & Foundations

Put your trust in Rainforest Foundation UK, and help us build a strong future for rainforest communities

Charitable Trusts and Foundations are crucial to our work. Together, we can make a real difference to the lives of indigenous and traditional communities and the forests they inhabit.  

Here are some examples of what RFUK and Trusts and Foundations have achieved together: 


Through our MappingForRights initiative, we have supported hundreds of forest communities across the Congo Basin to produce maps of their lands and resources - a crucial first step to legal recognition.

Our innovative ForestLink system is transforming how tropical forests are monitored and protected, empowering communities who call them home with simple, low-cost technologies to send real-time alerts of illegal deforestation - even from remote areas with no connectivity.

Our investigations into human rights abuses in and around strictly protected areas have brought justice to survivors and triggered a wave of global biodiversity conservation reforms.

If you would like to help us build a society where indigenous peoples and other local communities of the worlds’ rainforests are able to fulfil their rights to land, life and livelihood, please get in touch.