African Civil Society Decries Capture of the Africa Climate Summit by Corporate Interests   As African leaders gather for the Africa Climate Summit, hundreds of African organisations have expressed concerns about the corporate capture of the event.  The inaugural summit – held in Nairobi, Kenya, from 4 to 6 September – is billed as a crucial … Read more

Community Forestry in DRC is a solution to tackle both poverty and climate change: that’s why it needs to be in focus at COP26 October 28, 2021 On 14 October at the 8th annual Multi-actor Roundtable on Community Forestry in Kinshasa, the Congolese government, as well as representatives from donor countries, community leaders and a large contingent of national and … Read more

44 Congolese and international NGOs join call to stop lifting of the DRC logging moratorium September 23, 2021 The DRC government has announced imminent plans to lift a near 20-year ban on new logging concessions operations in its Congo Basin rainforest – one of the last intact rainforests in the world. With less than six … Read more

Just launched: “Forests for the Future” a 5-year community forestry project in DRC July 7, 2021 With the support of USAID and Norad, the Rainforest Foundation UK and a consortium of Congolese organisations are launching “Forests for the Future,” a 5-year project supporting community forests and sustainable livelihoods in DRC. Kinshasa, July 7, 2021 – … Read more

This is the evaluation of the ‘Improving Livelihoods and Land Use in Congo Basin Forests’ (ILLUCBF) project, which was undertaken from June to August 2019 by a team of three independent external evaluators, based on the terms of reference provided by Rainforest Foundation UK (RFUK).

This briefing note outlines the key elements of the new National Strategy on Community Forestry in DRC, and gives a concise overview of the Roundtable process that has led to the creation of this landmark document, as well as recommendations on next steps.