A Post-COP Conversation November 23, 2021 After a frenetic two weeks for RFUK and our local partners at the climate talks in Glasgow, we reflect on some of the gains, the losses, and the next steps in striving to put tropical forests and their traditional guardians at the heart of the international climate agenda.  A declaration by 137 countries promising to … Read more

The expansion of commercial agriculture in the Congo Basin, especially for palm oil, poses great risks to forests and the people who depend on them for their livelihoods and culture. While efforts to make palm oil more ‘sustainable’ focus on avoiding deforestation and biodiversity loss, far less attention has been paid to land rights and … Read more

Research carried out by the Rainforest Foundation UK and its partner organisations found that industrial palm oil and rubber plantations in Africa’s Congo Basin continue to disrespect human rights and destroy large swathes of rainforests.

Central Africa’s rainforests and people suffering from the expansion of palm oil and rubber plantations May 1, 2019 Industrial palm oil and rubber plantations in Africa’s Congo Basin continue to disrespect human rights and destroy large swathes of rainforests – the Rainforest Foundation UK (RFUK) reveals in a report published today. As new figures reveal … Read more

Cameroon communities speak out about impacts of large rubber plantation November 23, 2018 Representatives of 21 villages affected by industrial rubber project Sud-Cameroun Hevea (“Sudcam”), which is responsible for the largest single destruction of rainforests anywhere in Central Africa, have denounced the impacts of the rubber plantations on their rights and livelihoods. In a statement issued last … Read more

The Paris climate agreement; what does it mean for rainforests? March 12, 2016 by Simon Counsell, Executive Director, RFUK The global agreement signed in Paris in December has been heralded as a historic moment in efforts to tackle climate change. The destruction and burning of rainforests contributes perhaps 10% of all man-made greenhouse additions to the … Read more

Congo Basin NGOs call for urgent action on palm oil expansion January 13, 2015 Environmental and human rights organisations from across the Congo Basin have called for urgent action to prevent forest destruction and violations of rights due to the expansion of industrial palm oil plantations in the region. A meeting in Douala in December, … Read more

The cultivation of palm oil at an industrial-scale has wreaked havoc with the rainforests and forest peoples of South-East Asia and is now threatening rainforests in the Congo Basin. This report, the result of original research commissioned by The Rainforest Foundation UK, lifts the lid on the new expansion of oil palm developments in the … Read more