Banging the Drum for Indigenous-Led Forest Protection at New York Climate Week

September 18, 2023

This week, Rainforest Foundation UK will be banging the drum for Indigenous-led forest protection at New York Climate Week, the annual gathering where global leaders, innovators and activists to share real, innovative and scalable solutions to the climate crisis. Together with our local rainforest partners and sister organisations in the US and Norway, we will be there with a simple message: that Indigenous and local communities hold the key to protecting the world’s rainforests, we just need to know how to support them.

During Climate Week, we will highlight successful Indigenous and community-led forest protection initiatives from across the world, showing why they are the most effective stewards of their land, possessing centuries of traditional knowledge and a deep connection to their environment. We will show how activities such as community mapping, securing land rights, forest monitoring and sustainable agriculture are already protecting tens of millions of hectares and why these are ripe for scaling across the tropical belt, now.

Over the week, we aim to build political and financial support for this vision, meeting with policymakers, philanthropists and environmental organisations to address disconnect between the people and organisations in the global north driving the climate debate, compared to the real-world solutions of those living in and protecting the forests.

For more information about the Rainforest Foundation UK and our specific activities at New York Climate Week, please see our below programme.

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