Get Inspired and #MatchMaggie (through Twitter!)

December 17, 2014


Five-year-old Maggie wrote to the Rainforest Foundation UK to tell us she will be donating her weekly pocket money – 20 pence – for a whole year!

“I love rainforests and I want to be a rainforest explorer when I grow up,” she wrote.

Maggie, from Sutton Coldfield, sent her first 20p in the post and promised to send the rest when her money jar is full. Over a year, Maggie’s weekly pocket money donation will add up to £10.40.

Adam Colling, Fundraising Manager at RFUK, said he thought Maggie’s gesture was absolutely wonderful and after checking with Mum and Dad we are now asking the general public this Christmas if they would like to ‘Match Maggie’ with a one-off donation of £10 to help us protect rainforests.

And thanks to some new technology that RFUK is trialing, you can match Maggie’s donation through Twitter! The donation service, provided by #PAY, works by synchronising your PayPal account with your Twitter profile. Once the accounts are linked, all you need to do to donate is tweet. To synchronise accounts donors go through a one-off sign-up process on their mobile or laptop device. From that point on, donors are able to donate through Twitter to any charity signed up with #PAY, and in time purchase goods and services from retailers and other merchants. RFUK is an early adopter of #PAY which requires no setup costs and with a flat fee per transaction is considerably more competitive than traditional text-to-donate services.

We want Maggie’s inspirational story to reach as many people as possible we think #PAY is a great way to spread the word.

To donate £10 please tweet: @RFUK #MatchMaggie and follow the instructions.

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