How Accountants Play a Key Role in Protecting DRC’s Rainforests

January 23, 2015

KINSHASA: Accountants and financial managers, project managers and directors from our partner organisations in DRC, combined their know-how last week as part of our long-term capacity-building work in the region.

As part of the Mapping and Forest Governance programme, we have been working with civil society organisations, CADEMGASHE and RRN in DRC, on this since January 2013. Broadly, this programme is designed to contribute to poverty reduction, sustainable management and improved governance of tropical rainforests in the Congo Basin by documenting the location of forest communities and how their lands are managed. The maps produced are designed to promote forest communities’ rights to land and resources.

A great deal of efficiency is needed when running these projects in the field so working with our partners on areas like administrative and financial management, like we have just been doing in Kinshasa, helps to build project management best practice into their daily work and organisational culture – something we all recognise is an essential part of any successful project.

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