More awards for RFUK’s Peruvian partner Ruth Buendía

November 12, 2014

Ruth, who was also honoured with the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize earlier this year, was awarded with a Diploma of Honour of the Republic at a special ceremony in September, chaired by the President of the Peruvian Congress, Ana María Solórzano, who recalled the moments in which the Asháninka suffered terrible violence at the hands of the terrorists which resulted in the killing and displacement of thousands of indigenous people.

For her activism that helped to halt the development of the Pakitzapango dam which would have flooded and uprooted the rainforest homes of 10,000 people, Ruth was awarded The Bartolomé de las Casas prize, which recognises outstanding contributions and leadership in promoting rights and values of indigenous peoples.

Andean Amazon Co-ordinator for RFUK, Aldo Soto, congratulated Ruth on all her awards.

“These awards are very meaningful as it helps to highlight the unsustainable development of hydropower projects in the Amazon. We are very proud that Ruth’s dedication has again been recognised at such a high level.”

Ruth is the president of RFUK’s partner in Peru, Central Asháninka in the River Ene, (CARE).

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