Apem APEM (Actions pour la Promotion et Protection des Peuples et Espèces Menacés) are courageous advocates of human rights and better forest governance, and pioneers in denouncing gender-based violence by conservation agents. In just a few years since their founding, they have become leaders among Congolese NGOs. With them, we aim to put human rights … Read more

Geo First Pioneers of participatory land use planning in the province of Maniema, GeoFirst are empowering communities to manage their forests effectively, ensuring that their resources will be available for future generations. Our joint short-term goal is to secure these lands as Community Forests. News African Civil Society Decries Corporate Capture of the Africa Climate … Read more

PREPPYG Grassroots organisation PREPPYG works closely with forest and indigenous communities in North Kivu, promoting their rights and providing training on agricultural activities and community enterprise to enhance their wellbeing. With Réseau CREF and RFUK, they are also spearheading community forestry in their region. News African Civil Society Decries Corporate Capture of the Africa Climate … Read more

RÉSEAU CREF A strong NGO network in North Kivu, Réseau CREF has supported communities to manage their lands long before there were laws to protect these efforts, and often against powerful interests such as mining and conservation. They advocate for a society where the free, prior, and informed consent (FPIC) of local communities and indigenous … Read more

GASHE GASHE (Groupe d’action pour sauver l’homme et son environnement) is a leading Congolese NGO based in Equateur Province, DRC. The charity aims to protect the environment and its resources whilst encouraging human development of those who live there, such as forest and indigenous communities. Since the beginning of our partnership in 2012, we have … Read more

APIFED Located in Djoum, Cameroon, APIFED (Appui à l’autopromotion et l’insertion des femmes, des jeunes et des désœuvrés) are a small local organisation but with a brave and committed team. APIFED have fiercely contested land grabs and the displacement of local Baka populations by a rubber plantation, as well as supporting them in denouncing poachers … Read more

APED AIDESEP (Asociación Interétnica de Desarrollo de la Selva Peruana) represents the indigenous peoples of the Peruvian Amazon, working for the defense and respect of their collective rights. AIDESEP works to expose indigenous people’s struggles and present alternative development proposals according to their worldview and culture. News African Civil Society Decries Corporate Capture of the … Read more

AJESH AJESH (Ajemalibu Self Help) is a civil society organisation founded on June 4, 2006. AJESH are located in Nyasoso, Cameroon and work with local and indigenous communities in the South West region. RFUK’s partnership with AJESH began in 2014 and together we have worked on issues including: participatory mapping, land and resource rights of … Read more

First-ever Baka chief officially recognised in southern Cameroon—his majesty Martin Abila of the village Assok April 19, 2021 For the first time in Southern Cameroon, an Indigenous Baka village has been officially recognised and their chief formally installed by the Cameroonian state. This marks a significant milestone in a country where Indigenous Peoples face extreme … Read more

The Bamasobha community gains legal rights over their forest in North-Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo March 26, 2021 Women in Bamasobha participating in discussions which led their community to apply for a community forest. When the villages of the Bamasobha community sought legal recognition of their traditional forests, a village chief, M. Sweli Maliani, declared: … Read more