Upcoming: a decolonized alternative to the World Conservation Congress

July 9, 2021

This September, as world leaders and conservation NGOs gather for the World Conservation Congress, Indigenous Peoples on the frontlines of deforestation will again be kept out of the decision-making process as these leaders push for more protected areas and "nature-based solutions" - both of which are at high risk for creating human rights violations and the biggest land grab in history.

An alternative and independent congress, “Our land, our nature” will meet just before to oppose these false solutions, and give a platform to frontline forest defenders, who have suffered from supposed “green solutions” and the increasing militarization of conservation.

Here they will present an alternative vision of conservation, one which is already working, where Indigenous Peoples are in control of their own lands. This alternative relies on human diversity and protects and enhances biodiversity. It is anti-racist, anti-colonialist, and rooted in real social and climate justice. For real and practical solutions to the biodiversity and climate crises, we must listen to Indigenous Peoples and decolonize conservation.

Read the full programme here, and watch the congress livestream below.

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